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~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car
~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car
~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car
~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car
~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car
~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car

~EXPEDITED~ Custom Phone Case: Your exact car

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Please make sure you entered exact phone model that you have, since we are going to order it (which will take 3 more days).

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Protect: Medium
Weight: Light


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Style and Protection in one

Our custom-printed TPU rubber phone case offers an excellent combination of both style and protection for your phone. Protect your phone without it feeling too bulky.

Drop Protection

Our cases feature slightly raised edges around the screen and camera to offer support in case of a drop. For even better protection, we recommend adding a screen protector to your order.

Don't want to wait? You'll have your custom case designed for you in 4 days. This beats our current wait time of 2-3 weeks. Same great quality you are just priority.

Keep in mind this comes with the option of a replacement case for only $20 within the same year and we keep your design so you can put it on our other products! 

This is a custom design of your exact car including but not limited to; banners, modifications, and license plate if you wish. If you would like a preview before we ship it out just put that in the notes. Custom cases can take 1-3 weeks before they are shipped.

This comes with a satisfaction guarantee and are entitled to a refund if you are not happy(that won't happen 😏)

NOTE: Please make sure the picture you upload is exactly what you want the design to replicate. If you would like the design to look like the ones we post on social media then you will have to take a centered picture of the front of the car from a lower angle.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Awesome Customer Service

Ordered a custom case for my son. I had to reach out to customer service for some shipping changes and they were great. Very responsive and did exactly what I asked. The case is great and just what he wanted. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Tobias Ludwig

When the case arrived, I never thought that the final product would look that good. The design definitely hit the nail on the head.
Although the contrast between darker and brighter areas of the artwork could have been a bit more clear, the end result looks absolutely beautiful nonetheless.

Quinn Rudolph

Love the design

Mandie Rainwater
Loved them

Submitted two different vehicles for two different kinds of phones and both were PERFECT! We love them. Shared them with friends and they want ones too!

Anthony Jennings

Custom Phone Case ~ Your Exact Car/Truck/Boat/Bike