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Customer Reviews

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Heidi Faul
iPhone wallet phone case

I love them both. Thank you!

Ella VanDyke
Silver DC2

The phone case is awesome! My brother loves it so far. I only had a bit of lag (but it was due to christmas and delays) but otherwise great timing and shipping notifications! Wonderful case and so excited for him to use it.

Robin Akers
Google Pixel 5 case

Loved it. Fit perfectly! Arrived even sooner than was expected. Price very fair.

Sunny Dang
Couldn’t tell

Ordered 3 weeks ago and still waiting

I am very sorry about your experience! This is NOT normal for us. Unfortunately sometimes shipping to Canada can take a bit longer but this is extremely rare. We have sent you a giftcard and a refund for this order.

Heidi Faul
iPhone case

I love it. Matches my Jeep. And I bought more cases.

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