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Whats the deal with glass and liquid screen protectors.

Having a glass screen protector has become such a norm that almost every one has one on their screen. In fact it can be a bit odd to see someone without one.But what are the benefits and drawbacks? We will go over that here.


Is it worth my money?

When you buy a quality screen protector from wncsco it comes from a company cellhelmet (they are normally $40). We offer them for only $19 with your phone case (sometimes we have sales). When you get one from us it has a lifetime warranty! Thats how good they are. If they break or even do their job and crack so your screen doesn't. We will replace them! You only pay shipping! When you buy a cheepo brand they tend to brake much sooner and you have to keep on replacing them. Not to mention they will NOT protect like a cell helmet will and will leave you having to replace your screen. Keep in mind as phones come out with new models the screens are getting more expensive and can be as much as $400!


Whats with the hype?

Not only do they protect from shattering, they reduce smudging from finger prints. Adding this to your phone protects and makes it have a clean and sleeker look. The one drawback is that there is now a slight slip on the screen as it is glass you are installing onto the screen. Most smartphone users are used to this and dont even think twice about it but there is a new alternative for this if you are concerned. Liquid Glass.


Liquid Glass? What the? 

Liquid Glass from cellhelmet is an invisible, nano-liquid, which is applied to the screen of your device. Drying and curing the Liquid Glass strengthens your screen on a molecular level. This is an old technology that has been used for years in military equipment. This is the future.